Third Vault Yarns

There’s a big cross-over between geeks and craft.  Cosplay is the most obvious link, where people put hours and hours into making themselves the perfect costume, but it goes far wider than that.  You only had to look at any panel at Nine Worlds last weekend to see people knitting, crocheting and embroidering while they listened.

So I was delighted to meet a new indie yarn dyer last weekend.  Lola Johnson runs Third Vault Yarns.  She dyes and sells yarns in geek-inspired colourways.  Lola normally sells through Etsy, but the pop up market at Nine Worlds was her first in-person event.  And she was very popular!  By the time I got there at about lunchtime, she’d sold a lot of her yarn and was regretting not having brought more with her.

Mind you, the diminished choice was probably a good thing.  As it was, I ended up buying three skeins.  Apologies for the slightly washed-out pictures – I ended up taking these on my phone rather than busting out the good camera.


First up, in Lola’s Companion 4-ply (a pure merino sock yarn) is this colourway known as Gallifreyan Sunset.  I don’t normally buy orangey-coloured yarns as they don’t suit my skin-tone, but I loved the subtle variagations in this one so much that I just couldn’t resist it.


Also in Companion 4-ply is this luscious purple called Inara.  I really can’t resist a good purple.

IMG_1893Finally, is a gorgeous alpaca-silk laceweight called Utral Aymokriyä, named after the Tree of Voices in Avatar (shamefully, I had to look that one up …).  Mine is mislabelled, so I can’t give you the yarn base name or exact composition, but it has that beautiful alpaca halo as well as lovely pink and purple tones.

I’m going to be really interested to see what Lola comes up with next.  New dyers are always exciting.  Her Etsy page is a little bare at the moment after selling so much last weekend, but hopefully she’ll restock it soon.

4 thoughts on “Third Vault Yarns

  1. Hiya,
    Thank you for the lovely write up! I’m so happy you liked the yarns, any knitting plans?
    So sorry the last one was mislabelled. There isn’t a base name for the Baby alpaca silk , but the composition is 80% Baby Alpaca and 20% Silk. 800m/100g in a 2 ply laceweight. Unfortunately we won’t be doing any more of this base as the supplier has discontinued it, however I will be looking at replacing the base with something similar.

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