New arrivals

It’s been eleven months since we lost The Contessa.  We’ve spent a lot of time mourning her, given what a big part of our lives she was.  We’ve also had a challenging year, full of upheaval and crisis (2016 really has been a rubbish year…).  So it’s only recently that we’ve started feeling in the right place to maybe welcome new cats into our lives.

About two weeks ago I spotted a post on Facebook about two cats urgently needing homes.  Last Sunday we went to meet them, and we brought them home with us.  Over the last week they’ve been slowly starting to get settled in our home.

Meet Dali and Peta.

img_2810They’re both 6 and a half years old.  They’ve been together since they were kittens, but they aren’t littermates.  Their previous owner is a writer and a painter, and they lived with her in a glorious book-filled London flat.  But she has dementia, and it’s worsened to the point where she needed to go into residential care.  So Dali and Peta needed a new home.


Dali is a boisterous boy.  He’s absolutely massive – 6.7kg – and it’s pure muscle.  He doesn’t jump, he levitates.  He loves his food and generally thinks everything is brilliant.  He loves company and is very sociable.  Of the two of them, he has settled the most easily, and has been exploring the house and regularly demands fuss and scritches.  He’s also a bit clumsy and there have been some comedy pratfalls already.  He’s a proper house panther.

img_2815Peta has taken much longer to settle.  She’s spent most of the last week hiding, and has been incredibly creative about finding hidey-holes in obscure corners of the house.  At times we’ve really struggled to find her.  She’s tiny (it’s all floof!) and delicate and much shyer than Dali, but once you get to know her she’s very affectionate.  She’s been keeping her own counsel this week, but seems to have decided we are all right, and will now come out from behind the bookcase and ask to be fussed.  There has even been some purring.

Both of them have had a really difficult and unsettled time recently.  They’ve had to cope with their beloved owner’s health deteriorating, and all the upheaval of her leaving, their home being packed up round them, and then the ignominy of being taken across London to live in a strange place with two total strangers.  It is going to take them a long time to settle into their new life with us, but everything’s going well so far, and in time I’m expecting we’ll both be fully Under The Paw.

But one thing I will say: our house now feels like a home again.


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