Vigil – Angela Slatter

Angela Slatter‘s Vigil (review copy provided by publishers Jo Fletcher) is a glorious mash up of urban fantasy and crime thriller.  Set in contemporary Brisbane, it follows Verity Fassbinder as she solves a series of gruesome murders.  So far, so Sarah Lund.  But Verity Fassbinder is super-strong and half-Weyrd, and those being murdered are winged Sirens.

Verity works for the ruling council of the Weyrd, Slatter’s faerie community in Brisbane.  She’s been hired by her Weyrd ex-boyfriend Bela (a nickname, because of his resemblance to classic horror actor Bela Lugosi).  Her half-human, half-Weyrd heritage  enables her to move freely between both societies, though like all who live between, she struggles for acceptance in either world.  In her case, it’s not helped by her Weyrd father being a famous criminal.

As Verity’s investigation progresses, it begins to reveals corruption at the heart of Weyrd society.  Positions of power and privilege are abused by a wealthy Weyrd elite who are struggling to integrate with the ‘real’ world and want to cling on to the old ways.  Along the way Verity is also forced to confront some of her own dark personal history.

Vigil is slick, polished and fun.  I will certainly be interested to see what Verity gets up to next.

Goodreads rating: 3*

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