The Last Gasp – Trevor Hoyle

It’s pretty rare for me not to finish a book.  I normally try to give them the benefit of the doubt, particularly when it’s a review copy I’ve been given.  The best way to review something fairly is to finish it, so that it can be judged as a whole.  When I do abandon a book unfinished, it seems to be normally at about the 40% mark.  By that stage, I’ve read enough to be confident abandoning it is the right thing.

I gave up on Trevor Hoyle’s The Last Gasp (Jo Fletcher, who provided a review copy through NetGalley) at 10%.  Yes, 10%.

I’d been feeling pretty ambivalent about it from the start.  There were the slightly skeevy scientists doing research in the Antarctic.  There was the very heavy-handed plot about climate change killing off the oxygen-producing algae in the planet’s oceans, slowly rendering the atmosphere unbreathable.  There was the ensemble cast straight from a disaster movie (hero scientist! plucky scientist daughter! global elite ignoring all the evidence!).  There was even a cigar-chewing general, who reminded me of General Ross from The Incredible Hulk cartoon series.

But the moment that made me walk away?  When that general uttered the line “Weapons of Climate Degradation.”


Goodreads rating: 1*


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