The Silver Tide – Jen Williams

Jen Williams goes from strength to strength with The Silver Tide (recently published by Headline, who provided a review copy through NetGalley).  The Silver Tide is the final novel in her fantasy trilogy about the Black Feather Three – a group of old-school adventurers.

My earlier review deals with the first two books in the trilogy, and you might want to check it out if Jen Williams is a new writer to you.

The Silver Tide picks up the next stage in the adventures of Wydrin, Sebastian and Frith.  The Black Feather Three are hired by Wydrin’s mother, a notorious pirate.  She has a map showing the location of treasure in the centre of the mysterious island of Euriale, but needs help to navigate her ship up a narrow, winding river to reach it.  Overland routes aren’t an option, because anyone who sets foot on the island has a habit of disappearing.  But the crew of the Poison Chalice are being pursued by a rival pirate desperate to get her hands on the treasure and settle some old scores.

The Silver Tide is a rollicking adventure story full of all of the great things about the first two books.  It’s full of swashbuckling fight scenes, monsters, dragons, time travel, capricious gods, old friends, strange magical devices and a jungle full of secrets.  It’s a fitting end to this sequence of books about the Black Feather Three, giving a real sense of closure to their individual and collective stories.

Great fun.

Goodreads rating: 3*


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