FO: Welcome To The Flock

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything crafty.  Sorry about that.  Put it down to a sudden urge over the early part of the year to start a number of larger projects, including a cardigan for myself and a lace shawl.  Because what I should be doing when I’ve a number of babies to knit for is clearly knit something complicated in laceweight with beads.

I don’t have much progress to show on either of those projects at the moment.  But I’ve finally finished this little cardigan for the little boy some friends had late last year.

The pattern is Welcome To The Flock by Julia Farwell-Clay.  The little colourwork sheep round the yoke are adorable, and I thought they would be perfect for this family.  They are very outdoorsy, living in the country with dogs and horses, so I expect their son will be raised out in the fresh air a lot of the time.

As with all of my baby cardigans at the moment, the yarn is Baby Cashmerino, with the body in a lovely flat green colour called Basil.  The colourwork is white and a rich chocolate brown.



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