FO: Epistrophy

Today is the last day of November, and I’m pleased to report that I completed my NaKniSweMo challenge.  This is my finished Epistrophy.

Progress slowed down considerably once I got to the colourwork yoke.  It took a lot longer than I was expecting it would.  I had a few days off work last week with a really horrible cold/flu bug (probably the worst I’ve felt since I had swine flu back in 2010), which allowed me to make a bit of progress.  But once the yoke was done, the rest flew by.

After a lot of deliberation I picked these buttons because they are such a good colour match for the yarn.  I bought them from Textile Garden when I checked their stall on a whim while I was at Festiwool a few weeks ago.

I’m a little bit anxious about the steek on this one, though.  The Sublime yarn is very slippery, so I can’t rely on it to stick together.  In slower time I’ll find some tape to reinforce the steek, that hopefully picks up the white and purple in the yoke.  Meanwhile, the cardigan is wearable.  Or it will be once it’s finished drying after a good long soak.

The final project came in at just a smidge over the 50,000 stitch target for a NaKniSweMo project.

Of course, I now have raging startitis, but I need to concentrate on finishing a couple of other WIPs before starting anything new.  Though that hasn’t stopped me furiously rearranging my pattern queue on Ravelry.

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