FO: Tendrils

And to close out Wool Week, I thought I’d leave you with a final FO.

I actually finished this shawl several months ago, but I only got round to blocking it last weekend.  I had the boards and pins out for my Glasgow Rose, so it made sense to finally finish this one off as well.

The pattern is Tendrils, by Susanna IC.  It’s one she designed for Twist Collective, my favourite online knitting magazine.  She specialises in crescent shawls shaped with short rows, and I’ve made a couple of her designs.  It’s a very versatile and flattering shape that makes the most of a skein of yarn.

This yarn is I Knit or Dye‘s Eat To the Beat.  It’s a lovely mix of silk and camel in an airy laceweight.  The yarn was a gift from my MIL, who bought it for me one year at Woolfest when I wasn’t able to go.  She clearly knows my tastes well: this dusky mottled purple is one of my favourite shades.

It’s a beaded shawl, using about 20g of 6/0 beads.  I really struggle with matching beads to yarn.  I’m nervous about too obvious a contrast, but too close a match risks the beads being lost in the pattern.  I’m hoping the smoky amethyst beads I’ve used here (which were a near perfect colour match for the yarn) will add a subtle sparkle without overpowering the shawl.


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