FO: Jasper Baby Cardigan

I’ve just finished the second of my run of gifts for the autumn 2015 babies.  This is the Jasper Baby Cardigan.

The pattern was originally designed for a 4ply yarn, but I’ve worked it in Baby Cashmerino.  And yes, it has sleeves – I just tucked them in for this picture.

The thing I found toughest about this pattern was the written instructions for the cable and lace panel on the fronts.  I’ve got so used to working from charts that I really struggled to work out what I was doing.  I even ended up putting this one to one side for a while and starting something else.  It was only a weekend away with a long train trip each way and deliberately limited options that made me pick it up again.

But to even do that I had to spend some time on the train turning the written instructions into a chart.  And I’m glad I did.  One thing that wasn’t clear from the written instructions was that one is only meant to work once into the double yarnovers of the row below.  That only became apparent once I’d started charting the pattern, counted the stitches and looked at how the knit and purl stitches stacked up on top of each other.

I ended up finishing this one just in the nick of time too.  I was sewing the buttons onto it on the train on my way into work, on the colleague it was intended for’s last day before she went on maternity leave.


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