Seeing the world through fresh eyes

There’s something wonderful about spending time with small children. Everything is new and fresh, encountered for the first time. It makes even a jaded townie like me appreciate the things around me. I’m lucky enough to be the aunt to two brilliant nieces. When they came to stay a couple of weeks ago, it was the perfect excuse to head out and see some of the sights. 

We had a packed day, including a trip to a very crowded Natural History Museum. 

The gallery on the human body was particularly popular with the girls. It was one of those galleries full of interactive exhibits, and the fairground mirrors were a particular favourite. 


They also loved the geology sections, with their focus on volcanoes and gemstones. 


It was wonderful to spend some time with them. I see them less often than I’d like, living in a different city. But I’m hoping that as they get a bit older there will be more trips to London that will let Auntie Caro take them out and spoil them. 


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