A typical day of English sporting achievement

Yesterday we went to the cricket at Lord’s.  I got tickets for some fantastic seats via someone I know, and we were very lucky to do so.  Tickets for the Ashes, particularly at the Home of Cricket, are highly sought after*.  (When I told my father I’d got tickets he went ominously quiet on the phone.)

The view from our seats – Jimmy Anderson bowling one of the first overs of the day

It wasn’t really a day to celebrate England’s performance.  (We lost.  Embarrassingly.  By the end we were ironically cheering every England run.)  But it was a fabulous day out and the weather was amazing.


The hated enemy, coming in from early practice on the Nursery Ground.

One of the great things about going to Lord’s is how civilised it is.  It’s probably the only major sporting venue that encourages you to bring your own food, provides you with a nice space to eat it in and lets you bring in your own booze^.  So, when Australia declared shortly before lunch, we decamped to the Nursery Ground.  Along with everybody else.  We watched the last couple of overs on the giant screen while eating our picnic and drinking a rather lovely Macon Lugny.

Picnics on a crowded Nursery Ground.

While the match wasn’t all it could have been, we certainly had a great day.  And I made great progress on baby cardigan no 2.

*For those who don’t know, the Ashes is the world’s least impressive sporting trophy, measuring a mere six inches in height.  But it represents one of the bitterest rivalries in sport.

^Limited to one bottle of wine per person, obviously.

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