Increase, Decrease – Judith Durant

Increase, Decrease is a new book by Judith Durant (published today by Storey Publishing) which focuses just on multiple different ways of increasing and decreasing stitches.  It starts from the most basic k2tog and kfb, exploring increase and decrease stitches of increasing complexity, including multiple increases and decreases, and decorative stitches.

To be honest, I’d expect most knitters to be able to do simple increases and decreases, so some of those sections seem a bit superfluous, but the sections on complex stitches would be of great value to those designing knitwear, particularly lace knitting.

The instructions and photography are both clear and helpful.  If I have one gripe, it’s that the book uses very US-centric terminology, and doesn’t refer to the multiple names different increases and decreases can be known by (I’ve seen the same increase called several different things depending on who is writing the pattern).

So, one for technical knitting nerds and pattern designers more than the ordinary knitter.

Goodreads rating: 3*

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