Missy Cosplay: Part the First (The Plan)

My plan for this year is to cosplay Missy.  It’s another great choice I think.  It’s highly topical and she should be very recognisable.  It’s also a great character (I love that one of Who’s most iconic villains has become a woman) and the costume is very wearable.


I’m planning to write a series of blog posts about the process of making this costume, in particular documenting any pattern modifications I need to make to pull it together.  And, of course, I’ll show you the final result at the end.

In this first post in the series, I’d like to set out the plan of how I’m going to pull this look together.

For the jacket I’m going to use a combination of these two patterns.


The one on the left has the right structure for the coat.  Option B has the right length.  It has the princess seams and the way the pockets are set in is perfect.  But the collar and cuffs are totally wrong.  So I plan to use the sleeves and collar from the pattern on the right, and to curve the hems on the front of the coat.  Merging pieces from these two patterns in this way is going to be an interesting challenge, so I think I’ll be making toiles of both collar and sleeves to see how they fit into the body of the coat, to enable me to make any modifications that will be needed.

Missy’s coat has a single back vent, which neither of these patterns has.  So I’m going to think carefully about whether I want to try and create a vent, or work without one.

The skirt is a very straight-forward panelled skirt.  I’ve pulled this pattern out of my stash.  Option D looks perfect, and I don’t propose any modifications to it at all.


If I have time, I’d also like to make a blouse as well.  I have one in my wardrobe I can wear in a pinch, but it’s not quite right for the look, so I’d prefer to make one.


Missy’s blouse is quite distinctive.  It has a bib front on it, with the blouse gathered underneath that, and a Peter Pan collar.  The body of the blouse has a fine blue stripe, but the collar is plain white.  There’s quite a bit of fullness in the sleeves.

I’ve really struggled to find a pattern for this.  Most of the bib front blouse patterns out there are the full Gibson Girl: back buttoning and with a traditional Edwardian high collar.  The closest I’ve been able to find is this one (which I bought at ruinous expense on eBay after a bidding war).


I think Option C will give me the kind of look I’m after, but I’ll have to reshape the collar a bit again.  And the pin tucks will be interesting!

Missy also has some fabulous accessories.  I’ve found a black cameo brooch on eBay already (99p!) and it looks like I’ll have to learn some simple millinery skills.  Hat blanks can be bought fairly easily online, and I’ll need to attach some plastic fruit to one.

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