Blake’s Heaven

Many of you I know in real life will know I have a passion for one particular TV series from the 1970s.  I was 9 months old when Blakes 7 started, and by the time it finished when I was nearly five years old it was my favourite programme.  I’ve had a life-long relationship with the show, made some amazing friends through its fandom and had an awful lot of fun.

About 18 months ago in the bar at Nine Worlds (which is where all the magic happens) I was talking to Jackie Emery of Horizon (the Blakes 7 fanclub), and she mentioned that someone was putting together a collection of essays by fans about the programme and was seeking contributions. I went home and drunkenly pitched an essay to the editor that very evening.

The book – Blake’s Heaven – is now out and available for purchase, with all profits going to Children In Need. It’s quite exciting to have something published under my own name.  So, if you want to read my self-indulgent ramblings about an iconic bit of British SF, please go buy it and read.  It is for a good cause, after all.


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