Adventures in Crochet

I’ve never managed to get my head around crochet. As a two-needle girl, the whole single hook thing has always baffled me. You’d think that someone used to one of the fibre disciplines would be able to learn and manage the other. I’ve done bits of crochet, like a provisional cast on and reinforcing the steek on my Pinion, but that’s not ‘proper’ crochet.  I’ve always had a bit of a mental block and never been able to make something solely using crochet. 

But as part of Wellbeing Fortnight at work (more on that in a later post) a colleague was offering crochet tuition. I went along to see if I could conquer my crochet demon. Being taught in person made all the difference, and after an hour I had a mini Granny Square. 

It’s interesting going from one skill to another.  I’m strongly right-hand dominant, and crochet forces one to be much more ambidextrous. My left hand is not used to having to do so much work such as tensioning the yarn and simultaneously helping to form the stitch by moving and holding the yarn and piece. 

Crochet feels very ‘architectural’. It seems to play more explicitly with the solid and blank space and I can already see it lends itself well to more free form construction. 

Will I carry on with it? Definitely. 


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