So, how was it for you?

I started this blog a couple of months ago as my 2015 6 Nations challenge.  Since then, there have been 21 posts.  22 if you count this one.  There have been days out, book reviews, knitting, buttons and beads.  And even a photo of the Contessa.

I’ve enjoyed this last couple of months.  Spending time putting thoughts down on paper has been good for me.  It has forced me to write more regularly, and in a more mindful way than my normal braindump of random thoughts.  I’m certainly not short of ideas of things to write about.  (I’ll let you into a secret. I have a list.)  I’m certainly planning to continue with this blog now that the experiment is over.

Some of you seem keen to read what I write.  More of you than I’d perhaps expected and many of you strangers to me.  I’d love to know more about those of you who are new to me, particularly how you found this blog and what made you click the follow button.  Some of you I know in real life.  I’ve been surprised and delighted by those who have been reading and talking to me about this blog.  You were not always the people I would have expected, and that is a precious discovery in itself.

Thanks to you all.  *waves*

Two months in seems like a good time to take stock and see how it is working out for you out there in the ether.  Is the balance of topics in the posts right for you?  Anything you would like more or less of?  I know I have a couple of requests for posts that I have yet to get to, but more ideas please!  Is the frequency right?  Am I irritating you with too many links to blog posts?  I’ve very deliberately not publicised everything I write through social media channels for fear of irritating friends.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.

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