10 PRINT “Hello”

Each year a friend and I set ourselves a challenge during the 6 Nations.  Six weeks is a perfect window of time to try to do something new or learn a new skill.  Most years, the challenges have been knitting ones.  For example, we both learned fair isle and then steeking by knitting the same patterns at the same time on successive years.  Knitting challenges are perfect, because one of the great things about the 6 Nations is the amount of quality knitting time in front of the TV that it offers.  But this year I’ve decided to set myself a different challenge (though it may still involve knitting).

I met an interesting woman at a friend’s book launch a couple of weeks ago.  One of the things she asked me was whether I had a blog.  I didn’t.  Which is bonkers, because as another friend pointed out, I have a lot of content to go on one, including the reviews of books I write on GoodReads.

So my 2015 6 Nations (not-)knitting challenge is this blog.


4 thoughts on “10 PRINT “Hello”

    1. Neither Facebook nor Twitter really work for me as a place to set out longer form thoughts. They’re great places to keep a presence and signpost content – and for being deeply silly – but don’t let you keep or manage your content in any meaningful way.

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